Our Legal Entity




Patukirikiri fell victim to the Crown’s land acquisition methods of the past as did many other Iwi in Aotearoa, and has since persued the Crown and its subordinates to right those injustices, which long standing struggle has involved many generations of Patukirikiri people.

Patukirikiri evolved with the times trying to bring the Crown to account for its past discretions against them continuing to manage tribal affairs via a runanga made up of family heads, however their tribal voice continued to be ignored by the Crown and the Government, so in 1997 the tribe restructured for formal recognition and incorporated itself under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and bought all their tribal and whanau affairs under one legal management entity being… Te Patukirikiri Iwi Incorporation (TPI).

The TPI structure contains a governance level and supporting executive structure for accountability and transparency purposes. While there are formally ten runanga trustees and four executives… and while every legal entity has the right to manage its shareholders affairs within a ‘trustee only’ environment, this right is not practiced nor supported by Patukirikiri or its entity TPI. Every TPI runanga hui facilitated by TPI allows every recognised descendant to participate in all discussions, to move motions and exercise voting rights as one would be permitted to undertake at any tribal hui-a-Iwi and in that way every tribal member attending, whether registered with TPI or not, is involved in the tribes decision making processes.

In short TPI is the servant of its people and not the other way around.

In 1988 Patukirikiri became one of twelve tribal governance members of the Hauraki Maori Trust Board (HMTB) and worked alongside other Hauraki and Auckland tribes to present the Wai 100 claim, being a blanket claim for all the lands of Hauraki and Auckland. However post the Wai 100 presentation many Patukirikiri members felt their specific tribal grievances particularly areas of high cultural significance had not been fully covered by the presentation, so as a result of that, Patukirikiri lodged its own tribal claim in 1999 which was formally acknowledged by the Waitangi Tribunal in 2000 assigning ‘Wai 811’ to the claim.

From that time to this Patukirikiri and its legal entity Te Patukirikiri Iwi Incorporated remains on the path set be its tupuna.

Shortly however ‘TE PATUKIRIKIRI IWI TRUST’ as the tribes Post Governance Settlement Entity (PSGE) will be established as a Crown requirement to recieve settlement assets which entity will eventually replace  Te Patukirikiri Iwi Incorporated after due course.

Patukirikiri-Iwi-Trust-Deed-2012 in its DRAFT FORM to establish it’s PSGE.